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For Graduates of the Persevere Coding Program

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Banyan Labs receives our certified developers immediately after experiencing incarceration as they are reentering society. As they train and are mentored, these employees have proven themselves to be exceptionally talented, adaptable, and full of gratitude. We provide housing, insurance, transportation, and other services to address their major determinants of success as they begin building a meaningful and lucrative career.


As the logical next step for Persevere graduates, Banyan Labs employs justice impacted individuals as they re-enter society, after experiencing incarceration. Here, they receive mentoring from an array of experienced technology partners and learn to excel on cross-functional development teams.

Working with Banyan participants provides an organization with innovative information technology solutions and opportunities to make lasting, positive social change.

Their work is proven, professional, and affordable.

Watch the story of how a very special partnership between Banyan Labs and Indeed impacted lives and made a profound difference to the participants & their families.


The ultimate goal of the Banyan Labs Program is to prepare our participants to succeed in a full-time position with an organization that understands their strengths, skills, and talents. We are thankful for our partners in this endeavor for their many contributions to this goal.

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Indeed is a staff augmentation partner. They have hired a team of (8) Banyan Labs developers as an extension of their software engineering team to produce a new product called OnDemand. They are now in the process of hiring (2) developers to work with another branch of the organization on a new platform for their internal systems.

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Forbes is a staff augmentation partner. They currently hire (2) of our Banyan Labs developers to work with their teams. This is a rolling 90 day opportunity that can turn into full-time employment if the developers prove themselves during that allotted time frame. Currently, our developers are the primary front-end team at Forbes.

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Bounteous provides opportunities for Internships and Apprenticeships with potential to be hired on full-time every (6) months. This opportunity is currently provided to (4) of our developers on a rolling basis. These opportunities can be from E-Commerce and CMS systems to front-end / React Development.

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Amazon is providing $50,000 in scholarships for AWS nano-degrees from Udacity. This provides about 28 nano-degree opportunities to our teams at Banyan Labs and Persevere. Banyan Labs is currently working to become an AWS Cloud Services provider for AWS. Any remaining funds from this partnership will be applied to laptops for the nano-degree students. Staff augmentation is also a current discussion.  

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Girls In Tech provides mentorship and job search opportunities to the Women in Persevere and Banyan Labs. They also are providing press releases and marketing materials to help get the word out about Banyan Labs. Girls In Tech CEO Adriana Gascoigne is a huge advocate for our cause and stands behind us and our mission. More partnership opportunities may arise. Girls In Tech has welcomed us to their Girls In Tech Nashville Conference in September.

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The next chapter is partnered with (11) companies that provide apprenticeship opportunities to formerly incarcerated men and women who have been introduced to software development / coding and are interested in pursuing a career in this field. Average salary of Alumni is reported to be $140,000. Some partners of The Next Chapter include Dropbox, Slack, Square, Affirm, Checkr. This is open enrollment and is always an available opportunity for our graduates and employees.

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Vant4ge is the parent company of Banyan Labs. Vant4ge works to provide executable data to Probation, Parole and Correctional teams in order to help release those who should not be incarcerated. Vant4ge believes in supporting all justice impacted individuals and employs Some of our graduated to work for them full time.

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Udacity (working under a grant from Amazon) is providing 50 Scholarships for a tailored Software Development course to our Justice Impacted team members at Banyan Labs. Udacity, Amazon and Banyan Labs have worked together to perfect the curriculum in order to bridge the gap between education restrictions enforced during incarceration. These scholarships will help our justice impacted team members who have been recently released from prison become more employable as a Software Engineer upon release.


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"I couldn't be more proud of our association with Persevere. It's an honor to be able to work daily with graduates of the program and watch as they take the skills they've learned, and be able to put them to use in real-world software development scenarios. The pride this work generates in the graduates is a testament to the Persevere program and the students who work so hard to succeed!"
Eric Jacky COO Banyan Labs
DOO, Banyan Labs
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