Disrupting the Cycle of Incarceration & Poverty

Persevere has trained over 400 people as full-stack software developers and placed them in gainful employment. As a result, our graduates, partners, stakeholders, and communities benefit from reduced recidivism and meaningful work by skilled professionals.

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We empower people to change their lives, their families, and their communities through technology education, life skills development, employment, and wraparound services.


Computer coding classes are taught for 12 months, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day to incarcerated men and women. They are certified as full stack developers upon graduation.

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Transitional housing, case management, life skills training, career readiness education and access to vital resources can make the difference between success and recidivism.

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Technology Employment Specialists and our sister company, Banyan Labs, ensure gainful employment for Persevere graduates upon release.

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Our 2 generational approach brings eligible families in Tennessee together in a pro-social, technology focused setting.

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The National Institute to Unlock Potential creates employment opportunities and support services that lead to career pathways for young people between the ages of 16-24 who are disconnected from work and/or school.

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 EPIC Youth Program 

Watch staff, students, partners, and our CEO explain the why and how of Persevere’s mission to reduce recidivism and transform lives (6 minutes)

Hope is an essential component of any struggle to change lives. People need hope to live, but hope alone is not enough; it needs to be based in reality and more than an intangible belief. The Persevere Program is designed to use evidence-based practices, tangible and individualized support, and is based on successful outcomes.

We disrupt the cycle of criminality and poverty by stepping into the revolving door of the prison system, removing barriers to reentry an employment, and delivering comprehensive programming and personalized case – management to our students.

Everything we do is to empower our students to do more, to have more, to be more than they thought possible. Anyone can succeed if only they have access to higher education, employment, housing, networking, and other critical opportunities


Thanks to partnerships and comprehensive programming, Persevere provides support and hope to those most at risk of incarceration and recidivism. Our programs take place in prisons, offices, communities, homes, and organizations across the country.

Persevere in Prisons

Our training program disrupts the revolving door of incarceration by teaching men and women the technical and life skills to be successful upon release. Once free, they stay that way!

Persevere in the Workforce

Persevere disrupts the oppressive cycle of poverty and criminality by creating employment opportunities for at-risk youth, current or previously justice-involved individuals, and BIPOC populations.

Persevere in Our Communities

Persevere and our partners connect adults and children with support services and vital resources in their area to strengthen families, who in turn strengthen their communities.

Get Involved

If you want to help, we will find a place for you. That’s our motto. We strive to match volunteers with roles best suited to their talents, personalities, skills, and schedules. Find your place here, today.

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Your donation today helps to pay for life-changing services and resources for Persevere participants, and may include: rent, food, personal hygiene items, electronic equipment, clothes, etc.

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"Our population needs truly viable skills with real opportunities to succeed. Technology offers meaningful jobs, careers, and even entrepreneurship. I always say technology is the great equalizer. It's a language that people in those circumstances often haven't learned yet. Coding is a language that puts them back in the world."
Sean hosman
Founder, Board Chair
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