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Volunteers are a vital part of the success of the Persevere program. We simply couldn’t do it without their dedication. Whether you are an individual or an employer, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved.


Our developers love to hear from people like you who have either been where they are or who are currently where they want to be. If you have experience in the fields of programming, software development, IT, HR, or any other field that you’re passionate about and would like to share your experience with our participants, guest speaking is for you. You’ll be helping to provide the real-world context to the technical skills they’re learning in our coding courses.
Persevere+ is the curriculum that our developers complete upon release to help ease them through the transition back into their lives. We teach 5 modules designed to reduce the chances that our developers recidivate and to increase their chances of sustained success on the outside. As a mentor, you would meet with your mentee at least once per week to go through the curriculum workbooks together.
After the twelve-month coding course that our developers complete on the inside, they often need help with the adjustment into their new jobs upon release. Our coding mentors work with the developers to help them not only with questions about their code, but also with learning to interact in a workplace environment, keep deadlines, and manage their own workload. Coding mentors often spend one hour per week with their developers, but this can be up to each individual mentorship.
Our internship program is constantly evolving as new interns join us from various disciplines. We are open to all schools and fields of study. Current and former interns have been focused on computer science, social media, marketing, social work, in both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Our interns are the best!


Sending employees to volunteer at Persevere is a great way to expand your social outreach, develop a network of nonprofits, and explore potential partnership opportunities. Corporate partners are listed on our website, perseverenow.org

Contact Rachael Rawlings:  rrawlings@persevereno.org

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