More than a Program,
Persevere is a Movement

What started with one man’s life changed, has grown to thousands of life changing experiences for hundreds of men and women in multiple states across the country. And we’re just getting started.

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Ready, willing and enabled; Sean Hosman at TEDxMonroeCorrectionalComplex

Our story begins with one man and his desire to help others.

“I was trying to be a dad and a husband while also running this company and battling addiction and alcoholism. I thought I could balance it, and of course, there is no balance in addiction. I was arrested 12 times in two years. My experiences made me think of a concept I’ve kept coming back to ever since: ready, willing and enabled. I knew I couldn’t quit on my own, but some people around me enabled me to make a change. And I mean “enabled” in the true sense of the word. They gave me the ability to do what I knew needed to be done. They empowered me.”

And so Persevere was born.


"Persevere offers a one-year programming course for people behind prison walls so they can become full-stack developers. This includes life-skill classes, support, and even transitional housing. The success rates at Persevere have been phenomenal, and I couldn’t be more proud. I wanted to take it a step further and make sure these graduates had every opportunity to succeed, so I created Banyan Labs. This tech company is there to hire them after release, giving them an opportunity to develop software and work on a real team so they’ll have the experience they need to build a thriving career.

Our population needs truly viable skills with real opportunities to succeed. Technology offers meaningful jobs, careers, and even entrepreneurship. I always say technology is the great equalizer. It’s a language that people in those circumstances often haven’t learned yet. Coding is a language that puts them back in the world.

The results couldn’t be better. Those who graduate from Persevere and are released have a 93% job placement rate and 85% job retention rate. The plan is working; we are changing lives. And this isn’t the end. I can’t wait to see where these students and graduates go from here."

- Sean Hosman, Founder of Persevere

our history

Persevere began in 2012, two years before its incorporation in 2014, as our Founder was released from jail after serving time for a drug-related offense. He realized that he could earn a living thanks to his advanced technology skills, while others with criminal records struggled to find jobs. His initial efforts to help men one at a time evolved into what Persevere is today – an organization serving hundreds of justice-involved and at-risk individuals in community and correctional settings in more than 5 states.

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We believe, and are committed to, communities and various stakeholders working together to form coalitions and create partnerships to bring education, housing, jobs, and mental health and substance abuse services to their respective areas. Too many people are affected by the criminal justice system, recidivism, and lack of access to critical resources and services. Too many of our minority populations have been drastically and disproportionately impacted.

The problem is too massive to expect a quick fix, but every individual we help to lift themselves out of poverty and transcend their past will help create a better future for us all. Together, we will persevere.

Meet The Team: Behind The Scenes

Persevere is made up of people who have experienced the failings of the criminal justice system firsthand and, as such, appreciate the struggle of rebuilding a life. Every member of the Persevere team is committed to and passionate about helping you succeed.

Sean Hosman

Sean Hosman

Founder and Board Chair

Alisa Malone

Chief Executive Officer

Stacey Books

Senior Director of Growth


Zach Hosman

Senior Director of Operations

Karen Walker

Dir. National Institute to Unlock Potential

Julie Landers

Program Manager

Josh Huhnke

Program Manager

Stephanie Morales

Program Manager

Haley Cobb

Program Manager

Allen Farmer

Youth Program Coordinator

Broderick Webster

Mental Health Counselor

Matt Preston

Program Manager National Institute to Unlock Potential

Our Consultants

Tony Parker

Board Chair Tennessee Department of Corrections

Dr. Rubin Cockrell

CEO Positive Images & Associates

Sheri Mac

Founder & CEO Sheri Mac Enterprises

Our Advisory Board

Bernie Warner

Board Chair Retired Secretary of Corrections Washington, California, MTC

Dr. Adimika Arthur

Founder and CEO HealthTech 4 Medicaid (HT4M)

Elizabeth K. Reynold

Sr. Principal Ecosystems & Ventures Accenture (HT4M)

Michele Lanza

Spark of

Stefania Pomponi

Founder and Chief Branding Officer Hella Social Impact

Mariah Lichtenstern

Founding Partner DiverseCity Ventures

Ron Glickman, Ed.D

Chief Information Officer Trader Joes Company