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The Core Persevere Program

The Persevere Program is a workforce development program that teaches students how to code and guarantees them jobs as software developers, web developers, software engineers, full stack developers, etc. The Program is unique in that it provides a holistic approach to individualized rehabilitation and personal development, offering assistance and direction in the following four categories: education and skills, housing, employment, mental health, and substance abuse.

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Students learn how to code inside prison walls, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day.


America faces a drastic shortage of skilled software developers. With over a million unstaffed coding positions, we have developed a solution to meet the needs of the current labor market, while turning an overlooked and underutilized population into productive and valuable members of society. We serve justice-impacted individuals and their families across the country. The majority of our students are currently or formerly incarcerated men and women. 

An intensive, twelve month, full-stack web development coding bootcamp taught to incarcerated men and women. While in prison, Persevere provides skill-based vocational training resulting in six  industry standard software developer certifications, including the most in-demand qualification: Full Stack Developer certification. 


Persevere+ is a unique, holistic re-entry curriculum presented in integrated modules over the course of a year.

Rather than simply providing information, the modules work together to help participants become more aware of their mindset and soft skills, which will help them create a balanced outcome: a successful career alongside a fulfilling personal life.

Physical Wellness

In this module, students learn about diet, exercise, sleep, proactive self-care, and the overall benefits of prioritizing physical wellbeing.

Reuniting Family

Reuniting with family can be  stressful. In this module, we explore principles of forgiveness, trust, toxic relationships, boundaries, and parenting.


Here, students uncover thought distortions and other factors that have contributed to their struggle with substances, as well as tools to form new ways of thinking.

Financial Fitness

This module provides practical "nuts and bolts" financial education and skills to enjoy financial freedom, and examines the students relationship with money.

Case Management

Individualized, long-term case management is vital to each student's success after graduation. Help is always available to a member of the Persevere family.

Emotional Wellness

Participants learn ways to become more mindful of emotions like, depression and anxiety, ADHD, anger management, and chronic stress.

Career Readiness

Participants not only learn what they must do to gain employment, but also what they must do to maintain employment.

Transitional Housing

Some participants have nowhere to go when they're released from prison. In TN and AZ, Persevere has residential clean & sober homes dedicated to housing recently released men or women.

Persevere graduate, Jessica Dickerson and her son embracing.

Mother & son hug: Jessica enjoys spending time with her son at her new apartment after graduating from the Persevere Program.


Part of our holistic approach to rehabilitation and reentry is to ensure transitional housing is available where needed. The first Persevere Transition Home is located in Memphis, TN (and coming soon to our other states), and is a safe, stable environment for participants to continue their education, adjust to life outside of prison, and build healthy relationships.


Individual case management begins the moment a student is enrolled in our classes and extends no less than one full year after release. Without this kind of attention, far too many people fall through the cracks. Persevere supports our developers in securing safe housing, while connecting them with social services, behavioral health providers, healthcare and dental providers, and much more. Reentry is incredibly disorienting and stressful. Persevere strives to decrease the stressors so that developers reentering civilian life are successful in making lasting life changes. Our case managers provide a listening ear and answers to questions and concerns throughout our developers’ journeys. And what a difference it makes!


Employment is the number one factor in assessing the risk of an individual to reoffend. In other words, if we are really helping people move on from mistakes of their past, the best thing we can do for them is get them a job. Get them working. Get them out there creating value for others and learning the value of themselves. As part of our partnership with Indeed.com and Banyan Labs, our graduates are placed in a 6 month on the job training program designed to hone their skills and prepare them for long-term employment in a technology position. Following this, they are either hired full time at Banyan Labs or are placed in a gainful position with another company.


Persevere Partners are organizations with missions similar to Persevere who have taken action to provide technology education, employment opportunities, career development, housing and more to our students and graduates.

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Persevere Partners are organizations with missions similar to Persevere who have taken action to provide technology education, employment opportunities, career development, housing and more to our students and graduates.

"Thanks to Persevere, I am a software engineer intern for one of the biggest background check companies in the world. I make over 100k a year as an intern and will be added as a full time software engineer in 6 weeks when my internship is up."
Blaine Reid Persevere graduate
David Ditto
Full-Stack Developer

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