Tech Alliance Applicant Information

Program Eligibility

The Tech Alliance serves traditionally underrepresented populations, including justice-impacted individuals, individuals and families living in poverty, disconnected youth, and youth aging out of the foster care system. To qualify for Tech Alliance you must meet the following eligibility requirements:


 You must be a resident and citizen of the State of Tennessee


a. Justice involved (including incarcerated, on probation, parole, or formerly under supervision)

b. The family member of someone who is justice-involved

c. Opportunity youth

d. Youth aging out of the Foster Care system

e. TANF-eligible


You must possess a high school diploma/GED/HiSet or equivalent skills.

  • Class will be 4 days a week, 3 hours a day
  • Participants should expect to spend 20 hours a week total on the program (8 hours of work a week outside of class)
Program Pathways

Upon acceptance to the program, each applicant will begin with Intro to Technology. Then, participants will jump into the front end development curriculum. Once the participant has completed the front end development curriculum, the participant may choose one of the following pathways to complete their certification: full stack development, project management, data analysis, IT support.

Case Management

Case management for the duration of the program, plus an additional year after completion.

○ Mental health counseling

○ Substance use counseling

○ Assistance in areas like housing, employment, transportation, obtaining insurance, adult education, etc.

Tech Alliance News
Persevere graduate, Alex Marston

He was the first participant in a unique program. How this man learned coding in prison.

It was 2019, and Alex Marston of Shelbyville had just been released from prison. He was filled with sadness for where he had been and with joy for where he was going.

Today, Marston, who is 34, is more adept at making decisions. Thanks to a prison program, for which he was the first-ever participant, he has a lucrative job writing computer code, a supportive fiancé, a family that is once again whole and his eyes on a dream house…

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Epic Games Announces its Apprenticeship Program!

The Epic Games Apprenticeship is now open!

As a reminder, the applications will close at 11:59PM on February 14th, so get your application in as soon as possible. A resume and cover letter/statement of interest is required with your application to be considered. If both or any of those documents are missing from your application, you will not be considered for the apprenticeship. Make sure that you double-check that the documents are attached before hitting submit!

For more information visit: visit

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