Jessica Dickerson


Jessica Dickerson is a software engineer on the benefits team at Gusto, Inc. Prior to achieving this role, she graduated from the Persevere program in 2020, after which she worked as a developer for 2 years before returning to Persevere as a coding instructor. 

As an instructor, Jessica was passionate about using her own experience as a justice-involved individual to connect with students and help them achieve their goals. Since moving on to a new role, Jessica still enjoys serving as a mentor for Persevere students, guest speaking for classes, and otherwise offering her time to the organization that helped her so much. 

Jessica is a life-long learner, believing the only way to ensure long-term success is to adapt to innovative technology, a belief she tries to impress on the Persevere students learning today. When not coding or volunteering, Jessica loves to play video games, hang out with family, or read at home with her two cats, Link and Inanna.

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