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Recovery: Triumph Tide

Recovery: Triumph Tide Rise above setbacks and obstacles with our triumph tide session, surging towards recovery and renewal with courage and resilience. Speaker: George Nolan | LinkedIn George is a former Marine who struggled for

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Family Reunification: Harmony High-Tide

Family Reunification: Harmony High-Tide Ride the waves of family harmony and connection, surging towards deeper bonds and stronger relationships with your loved ones. Speakers: Robert Mickens | LinkedIn       Josh Jones P.S. Ready

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Financial Wellness: Prosperity Power-Up

Financial Wellness: Prosperity Power-Up Power up your financial prosperity with expert tips and tools for money management mastery, surging towards financial freedom and abundance. Speakers: COMING SOON! P.S. Ready to take your support to the

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Physical Wellness: Fitness Frenzy Fiesta

Physical Wellness: Fitness Frenzy Fiesta Join the fitness frenzy fiesta and surge towards better health and vitality, unlocking the power of movement and wellness to fuel your summer adventures. Speaker: Chinedu Otutu | LinkedIn Chinedu

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Emotional Wellness: Resilience Resurgence

Emotional Wellness: Resilience Resurgence Discover strategies for resilience resurgence as we navigate the waves of emotions, empowering ourselves to rise above life’s challenges with strength and grace. Speakers: Katina Clear | LinkedIn Katina Clear has

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Summer Skills Surge: Skill Building Kick Off

Summer Skills Surge: Skill Building Kick Off Dive into our summer skills surge with an energizing kickoff session, setting the stage for an exciting journey of growth and empowerment through our Persevere+ Modules.  First off,

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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet David Aniebo

What’s truly inspiring about these stories is the resilience and determination demonstrated by individuals who have been given a second chance through education and employment opportunities. It highlights the transformative power of support and opportunity in enabling individuals to turn their lives around and contribute positively to society.

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