Unlock Potential on Nashville Newschannel 5

America is currently home to more than 4 million youth aged 16-24 (which has increased after the pandemic) who aren’t in school or working. They are known as Opportunity Youth because of their potential value to our communities and economies. Young Black and Latino people are up to three-to-six times more likely to be disconnected than whites. Youth of color are far more likely to suffer adverse outcomes like poverty and incarceration, which increases for those that have experienced foster care, human trafficking, juvenile justice involvement, and parental incarceration.

Persevere’s Unlock Potential program was featured on Nashville Newschannel 5 to discuss our work with Opportunity Youth and how we partner with young people to disrupt cycles of poverty and incarceration through skills and employment.  Hear from Program Director Karen Walker and Youth Development Coach Kima Jarmon about about the importance of trust and why we don’t use the term “At Risk Youth”.  

Then hear from a program participant about her experience.  View the full clips at Nashville Newschannel 5

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