Persevere Instructor Spotlight: Meet Donald Bull

Our greatest asset is our staff. Particularly our instructors who are helping our folks gain valuable skills in coding. Not only are they top notch instructors, but they are pretty amazing humans as well. Check out the Instructor Spotlight series to get to know them.

Instructor: Donald Bull

What Location do you teach at and for how long?
Saguaro in Eloy Arizona

Where are you from originally?
Austin, TX

Where did you learn coding?
Self taught, 2U Coding Boot Camp at University of Texas at Austin

What is your favorite thing about coding?
Watching the whole project come together, bit by bit.

What is the hardest thing about coding?
Remembering its okay to go bit by bit if it all works in the end. Often, we rush to the solutions when we come up against a challenge. Programming is arduous in the meticulous care you have to give to the process. The process of coding is algorithmic in that you have to take it step by step. That process can wear on you over time and cause more stress. Organizing your thoughts and balancing your time in a methodical way allows you to manage, in my opinion.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
The things I truly enjoy most about teaching is sharing the journey with some really cool individuals I’m fortunate to work with. The developers have a drive and determination to succeed even when the odds are stacked against them. Their energy helps me stay focused and maintain perspective. The time working at Persevere getting to know the men I work with at Saguaro has been healing and encouraging. It feels good to wake up to a purpose that is much bigger than yourself.

Tell us about a project you worked on that you are especially proud of.
I have work as a Project Manager for a community organization dedicated to increasing awareness, access and resources to the tech industry. There I managed the tech department, oversaw the website operations as well as the mobile app including training, a job board, events management and digital marketing.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Lacrosse Official, fly toy drones, make 3d models
Do you have any pets?
Two dogs(Darcy and Bullseye)
Favorite Movie or Show.
The Wiz/Ferris Bueller’s Day Off/Doctor Who
What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
You can only do all that you can as long as you do all that you can. An oxymoronic way of saying give all of yourself to your endeavors and you can be confident in your efforts.
Describe your perfect day.
First Thought: A perfect day is one breathing! I would start out early, on a 50 degree fall morning by cutting the grass; something satisfying about completing that task for me, 🙂 Then I would go watch my boys play lacrosse and have a late lunch with the family. I would end the day watching some football and relaxing with family.
  • Callie Unruh

    AZ Program Manager + Communications Coordinator | Callie is passionate about social justice, and the intersection of holistic solutions to systemic issues of poverty and works to create a society where everyone can thrive. She received her bachelors in Journalism and Masters in Non-Profit Management. Callie is ready to change the world through project management, community engagement, good stories and a good spreadsheet. On the personal side Callie grew up in Oregon and misses the rain. She loves coffee, community and creating a life of impact from the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. But most days you will find her cooking, gardening and chasing after two crazy boys.

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