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Instructor Spotlight Davin Thomas
Meet the Team

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Davin Thomas

At Persevere, our greatest asset is our staff. Our team cares deeply about their work, our participants and is a wealth of knowledge. Plus they are pretty amazing humans as well. Meet the faces of Persevere.

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Some Kind of Hope: Tiana Turman

Some Kind of Hope: Tiana Turman’s Story

“When Persevere came to me,” she concludes, “I was literally depressed to the point where I didn’t want to wake up. My time was hard and that last year was the hardest. I got fired from a good job. Some officers and inmates were trying to get me off the yard. But then Persevere put a shield around me so no one could affect me. They couldn’t take Persevere away from me. I was part of that 22-women group and we hid in the arms of the program.” Beyond a job, then, coding provided her some kind of hope.

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Digital Dreams: Turning Incarceration Into Innovation

Digital Dreams. In the spring of 2022, I stood at the crossroads of my life with a year and a half left in my prison sentence. It was then that I took a leap of faith and applied for acceptance into the Persevere Coding Program, not entirely certain of what lay ahead but driven by my tech-forward mindset. When I received that acceptance letter in May of 2022, I knew I was on the brink of something transformative. My journey into Full Stack Web Development, with a focus on MERN, began with anticipation, and I threw myself into the curriculum with unwavering commitment.

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Summer Skills Surge: Tech Specific Resumes

Join Persevere for a Summer Series focused on Career Readiness.  We will have 8 sessions every 2 weeks on a variety of topics.  We are launching our series with Tech Specific Resumes. Volunteer Curtis Thompson

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Epic Games Announces its Apprenticeship Program!

The Epic Games Apprenticeship is now open!

As a reminder, the applications will close at 11:59PM on February 14th, so get your application in as soon as possible. A resume and cover letter/statement of interest is required with your application to be considered. If both or any of those documents are missing from your application, you will not be considered for the apprenticeship. Make sure that you double-check that the documents are attached before hitting submit!

For more information visit: visit www.epicgames.com/earlycareers.

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